The Lotus has great significance in the spiritual life of South Asia. It is a symbol of purity and untarnished enlightenment amid ignorance. Particularly sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism, it represents the concept of primordial birth from the cosmic waters of creation.

Lotus flowers are also associated with the sun, since they open at dawn and close at dusk. Rising above adversity as with the leaves and blooms rising far above the water.

These beautiful, fragrant plants reach a height of approx. 4 to 6 feet tall!
When Lotus starts growing, around March, they need to be fertilized monthly to start flowering.


Hardy Yellow & Pink Lotus
Creamy yellow with Pink tips.

Hardy Pink Lotus
Beautiful variety of light to medium pink hardy lotus.

Hardy Red Lotus
Deep pink to red lotus.

Hardy White Lotus
Creamy white petals and yellow center.

Hardy Yellow Lotus
Sunny yellow hardy lotus.